Okay, after doing your homework you made a short list of say ten hair extensions wholesales companies online, The chance you will find them near your place is rather small, so you will have ten links to a website, but then?
You need to be sure the hair extensions wholesaler you just found is reliable, because your own business will depend on being able to deliver a stable and good quality flow of hair extensions to your clients. And you do not want to spend all your money in buying samples that do not turn out to be the quality or texture you are looking for.

Market places

There are shops that use marketplaces to put their hair extensions for sale, like eBay, DHgate.com. Aliexpress or Alibaba.
The advantage of buying through a marketplace is that you can benefit from buyer’s protection rules that are implemented by the marketplace. If the marketplace wants to build up a good reputation it will apply strict rules for the merchants that sell their products through their marketplace.
But then of course you need also to investigate the reputation of the marketplace. On the internet you could look for reviews of other people on these marketplaces, or you could decide to buy only from the well-known marketplaces like eBay and Alibaba.
To help you to find out the reputation of the suppliers, most marketplaces grant their sellers stars or points based upon the positive feedback from previous deals. So, you can see how happy previous clients are about the shop you are thinking of buying from. The value of a star or point depends on the number of buyers who submitted their feedback on the shop. If there have been made only 100 deals it is easier to get a high positive feedback than in case there have been 10.000 deals. So some marketplace take into account the number of feedbacks received. So buy only from shops with a high rating combined with a high number of deals.
Most marketplaces allow PayPal as payment system, so you can benefit from extra protection, because in case the products are not in line with your expectations you can return them or at least make sure your payment will be returned. Looking for a wholesale hair extensions supplier, we will help you.