It is the dream of every start up, to open your business and to be overwhelmed by client attention the day of your launch. Can your new shop be the talk of the town on Day One, or is this impossible? To be found by new clients on the internet will take you at least six months or longer.…!
Wrong! You can start and be found by a lot of people with above average interest for buying hair extensions the day following your launch!
How? Susan Dorsainville and her husband Kamal from Total Media Group Inc. developed a wholesale hair extensions company ClickonBeauty.Com, ClickonBeauty.Com helps start-up’s to benefit from all the advantages of a big company but with all the freedom of being your own boss at the same time. You can get all the support and marketing material, like flyers and images, you need. No need to pay a monthly fee and you do not need to pay an entrance fee or in other words you can join the program for free!
And the hair, now you can offer your clients Eurasian Hair, Brazilian, Peruvian, Indo-Malaysian, Satai and ….. Virgin closures and more choice upon request! Only the best quality as you want to be sure your new clients will come back for more!
So how can you profit from all these advantages from this wholesale hair extensions company? There are two options you can join as distributor or participate in the referral program.
Distributor program
For the distributor program all you have to do is to order 8 bundles or more on the site and you automatically get the distributor prices. Your shop will also be listed on the high ranked website of ClickonBeauty.Com The good thing is you can also sell the products as your own brand and ClickonBeauty.Com facilitates it all for you. As distributor you will also be promoted in the ClickonBeauty.Com Hair Magazine, “Gallery of Hair”.
Affiliate program
As affiliate you can sell the hair extensions of EurAsian Hair and both you and your clients will benefit directly. If your clients buy through ClickonBeauty.Com With your code they get 10% discount on their retail price and you get USD 10 for every bundle they buy using the code (minimum order two bundles). This is what they call a win-win situation. There is even a bonus if you refer more than five clients in a month!
If you are interested check their website for all the details or email us so we can assist you in becoming a distributor with ClickonBeauty.Com to give your launch a boost!