If you decide to start your own business, you have to make sure the valuable information (clients, suppliers, products and your bookkeeping) is available at any time you want.

Make sure you have one dedicated business computer, do not mix business and private use on the same device.At least one dedicated computer that allows you to swiftly connect to the internet, to upload pictures and

An external hard disk or backup storage facility to store a backup of your business data. With this facility you will not be directly out of business if your computer or tablet crashes (bad things happens!).

Make sure on a regular basis you schedule a backup of the files from your computer to the external disk or online storage facility. If you always keep two copies of your data the most recent version and the previous version as backup you should be protected in the most safest way.

Also do not forget to keep record of your clients or potential clients, on a piece of paper or by having a backup of the contact list of your smartphone. So if the phone will get lost, you will not lose the most important asset of your business, your clients!

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