Our main goal is to help everybody who is interested in setting up their own hair extensions business. For this we share information on our website, YouTube channel and social media. We also advise you through our email service and we offer two weeks of free promotion on our website. But we like to keep on working on new ways to help you in setting up your own business, so we are not ready yet.
Program to generate cash
Today we are happy to introduce again a new way to support you, because thanks to our latest eBook ¨From Dream to your own hair extensions business in 10 days¨ we are able to support you even more better, with practical information on how to set up your business, but now also as a tool for you to generate cash. How?
If you have friends or family who are interested in also starting up their own business, all you have to do is to advise them to purchase our eBook with you as the referral. For every eBook with you as referral you will get 20% (!) of the purchase price.
What do you have to do to start earning money?
If you are interested to earn money, simply send us an email to let us know you want to earn money by referring the eBook and your PayPal details. After receipt of your email you will receive a unique eBook referral number. If your friends want to buy the eBook, just ask them to include in the PayPal payment instruction also your eBook referral number.
For every purchase of the eBook with your eBook referral number, you will receive twenty percent of the purchase price. You will receive the money on your PayPal account after we collected the full purchase price and forwarded the eBook. You will receive, after every purchase with your eBook reference number a confirmation email. To keep things simple and to manage the level of Payment commissions we will follow a monthly pay-out scheme. We will reward you for your effort, except in case of fraud.
You can only apply for this program after you purchased the eBook with the free template ¨The 19 answers you always wanted to know from your clients¨ yourself. As we did not want the price to be an obstacle for anybody to set up her or his own business, we kept the price as low as possible. The revenue from the eBook is invested in keeping the website life and up to date.
The eBook for your friend will contain your details, so they will always remember who helped them to become successful, you!