Question: I am interested in buying your hair extensions for wholesale. I was researching your website and I will be purchasing the sample hair you have. I am in the process of starting my business of selling weave. Please get back to me with more information. I do have my business license in case you need it.

Answer: We have a growing number of hair wholesale providers, if you want to purchase a sample you can start to check Mystique Hair Collection, with a wide offer of samples (Eurasian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian hair extensions) and even with a package with all four hair types they offer. Another company offering samples is Charay Hair Extensions, they offer handtied Brazilian.

The first recommended step before you start buying hair, or samples, is to perform a market survey, both on what your clients want to buy and what the competition offers. Not only the type of hair, but also the kind of service you are going to offer.You can learn from your competitors and big firms. Analyze what they do, what your clients need and you can see what you can do better. This survey you can do without spending too much money, using email programs. The great advantage is you can start to build your client database while you perform your survey. This you can use to invite a lot of people to your opening, even before you sold any piece of hair.