Remy hair is still very in demand, but since the end of 2012, more people use “Virgin Hair” when they search for quality hair extensions on Google. People are searching for Remy Hair because this is the highest grade of real, human hair. Hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because it achieves the most natural look.

If we refer to Remy Hair, the Cuticles is still intact and facing the same direction to reduce tangling. The hair will have more shine to it and a little smoother texture.

For this Hair that is Non Remy has cuticles that are not facing same direction and this causes more tangling. Also, some processing will completely wipe out the cuticle, which will leave hair shinier but will have more tangling than Remy.

If you want to offer and promote Remy hair, we recommend to take into account most people will search for:

•Remy Hair, very often in combination with Indian hair or indian remy;

•Remy Hair Weave, most popular in the United States of America;

•Remy Hair wholesale, also in combination with virgin wholesale hair;

•Remy Hair wigs, like lace wigs