If you have beautiful well maintained long hair and you want to sell your hair, there are some steps you have to take into consideration. Your unique and very profitable selling point is that you can proof the hair is 100% human, for a reliable source and unprocessed.

What to do if you sell hair

1. Make sure the hair is dry and put it in an Elastic Fabric Hair Braid Band Ponytail Holder. This will protect the hair you sell. Then bundle it into a ponytail.
2. Secure the pony tail at a few points, to make sure the hair stays in one place.
3. For hair, size does matter, so make sure you are cutting the hair as short as possible.
4. Only cut your hair if you have found a buyer and agreed on the pricing and other conditions. This will guarantee the buyer the best quality and the hair you sell will still look fresh and shining.
5. Be careful for people with bad intentions, not only when you sell hair; try to get references of the person before you sell hair.
6. Only mail your hair after you received full payment. Use safe payments method to avoid money is withdrawn after payment. If the payment is done by credit card, check the card with the credit card company first.
Of course you can also decide to not to sell your hair, but to donate your hair to an organization that supports people suffering from hair loss, due to lupus, cancer or alopecia areata. Make sure you convince yourself the organization is not a setup to make money from your donated hair.