If your client comes to your shop, or if she visits your website, she is not just looking for extensions, she just wants to feel great. She wants to be the star on the party or just the talk of the town, to feel the celebrity she really is! The good thing is you can help her to feel like that! You should not only provide her with the hair that makes her feel great, you should also keep her in the right mood by wrapping the hair in a special way.
As we also discuss in our eBook, selling is about satisfying your client needs, so to understand her needs you need to listen very well to your clients. Use all possibilities, from a talk face to face in your shop or for example in the shopping mall. And make full use of your social media accounts. Chat with them; ask for pictures with their favorite hair style etc. Keep the conversation going and listen to her.
All this information will help you to feel and understand what your clients are looking for and all you have to do is just to find that hair that makes them feel awesome!
Of course you will succeed to offer her the right hair, but do not spoil the mood by offering the hair in the wrong way. The wrapping of the hair is part of the experience you are selling. Wrapping is not only functional, as protection of hair extensions- If you wrap the extensions in a special way, you make your client feels she receives a gift, even if the hair was paid by herself. This will make the hair even more special for her and she will show her friends the beautiful gift she ¨received¨.



But as every dollar counts you should keep the wrapping expenses within your budget. So instead of buying expensive wrapping solutions, you can, for example, always look around in a shop with office supplies, like Jam and combine nice colored envelopes, your business card and beautiful ribbons. They have these ribbons in many different colors. Make sure to use the colors of your own shop, to make it extra fancy and to keep it in style. So if the logo of your shop is a combination of yellow and blue, use wrapping material in the same grade of yellow and blue. It will make a perfect presentation and the client will always remember your gift shop!