Last year our server went down and we lost contact with a lot of you, it will take some time to fix it according to the provider, but it is really frustrating not being able to reach your visitors, your clients or your audience.

There are multiple ways of contacting your audience, but in most cases they do not reach you in the same way, some only search in Google, others use referral sites or social media only. So how do you inform them you are still in business but at this moment they can not use your webshop or site.

A disaster is always a disaster but if you plan in advance what to do in case of bad luck it helps you to get back on your feet faster. Some thoughts for your plan:

Agree with the provider to inform you pro-active about any issue that will endanger your operations, like in case the server with your website is down, they should know it right away while you are not supposed to watch your own website the whole day long, you should attend your own customers!

Prepare a small communication note with alternative contact details and use social media and any referral websites you use to bring this message to your clients

Repeat the communication, you can use tools like hootsuite to schedule postings, so at the same time you can communicate to your audience and keep on dealing with your clients

If you start to collect the email addresses from your clients, next to a great marketing tool, you can use this also to communicate to them directly about what happened and that you are still in business

Read again the contract with your provider about any rights you have on compensation.

For our spanish Blog Ventadeextensionesdepelo we are already using Bluehost and we are investigating the use of Bluehost also for our english website.

And keep your fingers crossed that you will be in the air 24/7 to keep on serving your clients!

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