You have great hair business ideas, but you do not have much money to start your own hair business. The money you have, you prefer to invest in hair stock and marketing. So what can you do to attract visitors to your webshop?

It’s a great, and cheap way, to start your business on social media and to use social media to attract visitors to your website. But if you can not invest money, you should be willing to invest time, a lot of time, but this will pay off because of the increase of traffic to your site.

The good news is nearly one out of three people on the internet spend time using social media, so Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms. The most popular is still Facebook, but Pinterest is a fast grower.

The other good news is that people on social media, are not clicking away that fast, once they found your page, they are there to stay and to enjoy what you and others share. People spent a more then average time on the site, visited more pages and more happy what they find. So how to benefit from all these advantages of social media?

Rule number 1, be consistent. And stay consistent, you will see little to none impact if you execute a strategy only this weekend. You will see results if you manage to continue for a month , but the traffic starts to kick in of you follow the strategy for a year. So what do you prefer?

1. Who do you want to reach? Make sure you know who you want to visit your site, do you want to reach the husband or boyfriend who is looking for a great and orginal present, like hair extensions. Or are you going for a certain type of women, business women or college girls? Read more about Joan for more info on how to profile your visitor. Now you know who you want to visit your page or shop, you

2. Select your social media platform. There are a lot of social media platforms, and new platforms are launched even when you read this. But instead of being present on all those platforms, it’s better to select two or three. This helps you to stay focused. But which social media platform should you choose for your hair extensions business? The graph below, composed by ComScore, shows you the average age of the visitors of the various social media platforms.

Social Media preference per age bracket

It shows you Facebook, although still the biggest social media platform is less popular under the younger hair lovers. Try to use Vine, Tumblr or Instagram.

3. Create content Make sure you can deliver enough content for the next months to come, collect relevant content your visitors will like, social media is all about sharing so, share! But of course you can also prepare content of your own, send out the right message, appealing enough for others to share. Avoid to only broadcast messages with a commercial context, do not shout Sale all the time, but start the converstation in a non promotional way. Remember, first you get along, then you go along.

4 Get followers There is one Golden rule in social media, and that’s it’s not a numbers game. Not the number of likes, followers or G+ counts, but the interaction. So save yourself money and frustration and do not buy followers. If you have good content to share, you will gain perhaps 1,000 followers less, but you will gain 1,000 times more valuable followers, real people who might decide to buy your hair extensions one day! Start to follow influential accounts and start tio interact, share content and overtime your will grow in number of followers, do not go for quantity but for quality.

5 Do not talk too much If people like what you share, you could decide just to share more. But who likes the person on the party that’s doing all the talking? Avoid your postings are qualified as spamming. If you are on Facebook twice a day a posting works fine, on Google + three times a day and for twitter 3 a day should be enough. Make sure you post at the time your audience is checking their social media network, so use a tool like social bro.

6 automate your postings Now you know what you want to share, the frequency and at what time. The last thing to do is to automate the broadcasting, just to be sure you can focus on your business and your messages will be communicated in a consistent manner. You can use tools like Hootsuite to schedule your messages, the tool is for free and will save you a lot of work and working hours!

7 Measure You need to fine tune the steps above over time, check the best postings, analyse when your visitors are online and last but mot least, keep on going to share content. Commit yourself to the plan and you will see in a year time the number of visitors has grown a lot.

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