You offer hair extensions online and you are looking for a way to boost your first quarter sales, just follow the next 4 steps.

One: Benefit from this time of the year, it´s nearly spring season, the temperature is rising and also in many cases the joy for life and the desire to look good! This is the time your clients are in for something new and if they got their tax refund they can afford it too.


Two: Two sell more than one, team up with a salon or stylist. You both have your own type of clients and you will only strengthen each other. Make a joint website to give one clear message to your target clients. If you combine your offer, your client will more easier go for the combined offer. For a stable and flexible website platform we recommend BlueHost.


Three: Organize a hair extensions party in their salon. A great way to exchange ideas or to introduce new products and to have fun at the same time. Imagine how it will be for your online clients, to receive an invitation for a party in a nice salon and to get advice from a stylist. If you split the revenue you will not have to pay rent for the space and awesome publicity. Check our video on hair extensions parties.

Four: Offer the salon to get its own hair line. Who doesn´t want to sell hair with her own name on it? This will motivate the salon to keep on selling your hair. And you´ll have a great additional service because you can recommend your clients to dedicated salon to install their hair that only sell your hair.