Avoid to offer all types of hair extensions

, in all lengths, in all different colors and to sell your hair extensions to the whole world. Your success will be in your focus, this will allow you to obtain specialized knowledge in the products you sell, knowledge that you can transfer to your clients and will turn them into loyal clients. If they have questions or even complaints, you know your product best and will be able to give your client the best advice and response.
Focus is not similar for becoming completely depended from one wholesale supplier, you should focus on the product you sell, but you should have alternatives to purchase your hair extensions. If you have enough experience in the product you sell, you will also be able to obtain a better purchase price from your wholesalers as you will be able to distinguish the top quality from the cheaper but inferior hair extensions. And if you are really an expert in an specific type of hair, why won´t you write an eBook about this? This will help you to broaden your name recognition.
Do not give away your products, for sure you can decide to give samples, but do not sell below your own price unless there is a very good reason. If you want to build up a good sustainable client base, that you can serve for a longer period of time and that wants a constant level of quality, selling under your own cost price will undermine these long term goals.

If your clients are asking for discount, there are several ways to offer alternatives for lower prices, think of what you can do on shipping costs, what about extra hair extensions or a discount voucher for the next purchase. Be creative, not cheap.

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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