To offer hair extensions, as a professional salon is a great way to broaden your service to your clients and to increase your revenue margin. But be sure you are an expert in this, to stand out from the crowd and to be sure your clients will benefit from it to the full.

If you take these 9 bullets into consideration you and your clients will benefit the most:

1.With extensions you can offer, without the need to cut the hair or to wait for it to grow, additional length, volume, texture and color. This will help you to create the perfect makeover. Do not sell hair extensions, but focus on your clients’ needs and wishes and if extensions will support these desires to come true you can install them; not offer anonymous hair, but offer a brand to your clients; this will make it easier for your client to identify herself with the hair.

3.Analyze the quality and benefits of every brand, take your time to be sure you only offer what´s best for your clients

4.If you analyze a brand, do not only check the hair, but also the support they provide on marketing, logistics and promotion. Most information is available on their website or in special information packages they will forward you by email

5.Most brands offer trainings to make sure you know everything about their products and you can install them at the best level. Focus on the various techniques, like warm and cold fusion, clip on, bonded and adhesive sticker techniques

6.Make sure you or your head of staff is certified

7.Do not compete on price but on service, if needed you can offer a discount voucher on hair maintenance products. This will allow you to keep the required price level.

8.Prepare an annual marketing plan, with advertising, promotions special events and media attention.

9.Make sure your clients know you offer hair extensions, do not expect them to start to discuss this with you or your staff. Tell them you offer extensions and for example prepare a flyer and do not forget to include some before and after pictures.

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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