Only if you measure the activity and outcome of your business you know what is happening. Of course you will have a (kind of) bookkeeping to check on the financial side and to prepare your tax return. But bookkeeping is telling you what has happened some time ago, while to take the right decisions in business you like to know what is going to happen. For this you need to define for yourself a number of indicators that will tell you what is likely to happen tomorrow or later.

Good indicators are for example the number of people visiting your site or the number and type of comments on your Facebook postings.

Once you have more than 30 likes of your Facebook Page you will be able to see a treasure of information on the people who are interested in your Page. Only the administrator of the Page (so you) is able to see this data. There is a lot of data available, but you should again focus on a few, otherwise you will get lost in the information, but if for example you have a base set of 5 indicators and every month you select one other you will enrich your insight without losing yourself in all the data available. Here are some suggestions to start with:

Evolution in number of ¨likers¨ or fans: If you follow on the ending of each month the number of ¨Likers¨ or fans, you will be able to see how appreciated your page is. If you manage to have a growth of 10% a month you are doing very nice. If you see a certain spurt in growth or many ¨unlikers¨, then you should analyse what might be the cause and use this to or further improve the growth or to avoid more people to turn their back to your page.

The average number of Likes or comments: These indicators show you which discussions are of more interest to your fans. Watch for unusual spikes or drops in this number as it will teach you what exactly your fans are interested in. Increase the number of postings around the topic your likers are more engaged with and decrease the number of posts around topics they are not interested in. And check afterwards the impact. Instead to check all postings, you can also check the top 10 postings with the most engaged users and the top 10 of the less engaged users in the last period (month). Just click on the arrow to sort by most and less popular.

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