It can happen, even if you sold the best quality at the best price, that your client is not happy. Instead of turning your head away, you have to deal with this and see how you can at least clear the misunderstanding. Perhaps the client had another perception of the hair extensions or didn´t by mistake or misunderstanding treat them well. Did you advise them well on the daily treatment?

Even if the client turns her back to your business, use the information you received from the contact with the unhappy client to further improve your products and selling techniques.


In the communication with your client, avoid to end up in an email circle because email (even when you use smileys) do not work well with emotions of people. Talk to your client over the phone or even better talk face to face, so you can see the emotions. Always keep and calm try to avoid to argue with your client only to be the winner of the dispute. Make it a win-win situation for both parties.

If you want to improve your skills in handling client complaints, we recommend a course from The Art of Service (Udemy)

There have been so many changes in customer expectations and with service delivery, which is why The Art of Service has created a completely new series of qualifications and certifications. The Customer Service Certification Pathway has been created to support students in their aim to gain relevant qualifications that practically apply to the ever-changing world of customer services.

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The Customer Certification Pathway has three main parts: The Customer Service Foundation Program, Customer Service Intermediate Program, and the Customer Service Expert Program.

First part is the The Customer Service Foundation Program which focuses on the fundamentals, general knowledge, terminology and basic concepts used in Customer Service. You must complete this level as a pre-requisite for sitting the Customer Service Intermediate Exam.

Next on the Certification Pathway is the Customer Service Intermediate Program which is made up of 8 courses. All Intermediate topics include (in no particular order):

·Communication Strategies

·Contact Centers

·Making Decision and Assertiveness

·Delivering presentations and Public Speaking

·Conflict Resolution

·Customer Relationship Management



From the eight Customer service Intermediate programs that are available, you will select a minimum of five programs in order to be eligible to sit the Intermediate Exam and progress to the Expert program, each Intermediate program will earn you 3 points toward your Customer Service Expert Certificate (minimum 17 points entry requirement). There is an examined component at this level. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, related to the subjects you have chosen.

The next and final level is Customer Service Expert program. This is specifically aimed at Customer Service Supervisors and Managers who wish to consolidate their knowledge and experience and achieve formal recognition of their skills.

Once you’ve completed the course, email the exam department at to purchase an exam voucher and sit your final exam.

What are the requirements?

Basic understanding of the business industry
Knowledge of the English language
Completed the Custer Service Foundation course

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 25 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
Understanding what conflict is all about
Identify the different types of conflict
Learn how to resolve conflicts
Understanding the role of communication in conflicts
Learning the impact of conflicts towards customers, co-workers and employers
What is the target audience?

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

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