In every talk about sales always remember the next 5 bullets on how to sell more hair extensions.

1 Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open

Your client has much less interest in your knowledge than in her own problem. Ask questions, listen and do not interrupt the other. Allow some silence, count to three before you respond, by doing so you do not disturb your client when she is busy formulating her thoughts.

2 Her problems are your changes

If your client or prospect is happy, she is not looking for new hair or another service. Check for the problems she is facing, and only those you have a solution for in your store. Now you can show the added value of your services! Solve her problem instead of selling your solution.

3 Invest in the relation with your client

At the end of the day, you are not in the hair selling business only to sell hair. You are in this business because you love it. Invest in the relation with your clients, this avoids a bad hair in the last bundle will not end the business relation. Surprise your client with something she did not ask for, just to show you have her also in your mind when she is not in the process of buying hair. Investing in client relationships goes a long way toward helping you grow your business.

4 Understanding people’s motives

Make sure you understand why a client is acting like she does, what is her goal and how does she wants to achieve her goal. Remember everybody is different.

5 Learn from your mistakes

Nothing wrong in making mistakes, but avoid making the same mistake again. You can only learn to improve your selling skills by … selling more. Practice and train yourself in handling difficult situations. Or learn from others, for example a salesperson who wants to sell you an insurance you do not need.

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