i want to sell hair

One day, you will wake up and you think “ i want to sell hair ”. Or perhaps you already had this dream before and you have been thinking for some time, how much to sell hair, where can I sell hair, how to start selling hair?

If you check out the internet, you can see there are a lot of women and men with the same dream “ I want to sell hair” and who started long time ago, or only last month. Should this demotivate you to start your own hair business, to follow your dream or not?

Why still to start your own hair business although there is a lot of competition

Everybody is unique and everybody has the potential to make the world more beautiful for everybody. So why wouldn’t that be you? Big chance you might treat customers in a way they never felt treated before by their hair extensions store. I can tell you, women who buy from online hair stores deserve a better service, some shops already do, but customer service is never good enough. So if you are able to make buying online a real good feel experience, you will beat many stores that already started before you.

What to consider when buying from an online hair supplier

Start Now Selling Hair Extensions

Another way to start your own hair business while there is a lot of competition is because you can look for combinations of services the competition did not think of before. In my home town recently a shop opened that combined biking and drinking coffee, not much needed to think of alternatives in the hair business.

i want to sell hair

Go beyond the classical collaboration with a salon or stylist, look for services or products your clients, who are not only interested in purchasing hair, are going to. Be creative and be social, why not go one step further then a hair extensions party, add some additional events. Ask a local celebrity to talk about the showbiz, and how’s life in the spot lights and invite your clientele. How special will they feel if they can not only read in magazines or watch at reality shows they can actually meet and greet a celebrity. Bring them in thew right mood and for sure they will come back to buy their hair and to bring their friends with them.

Do you have some ideas to be different, to make your dream “ i want to sell hair ” come true not only to start selling, but also to make nice money to be able to stay in this beautiful business. Want to get inspired, get our Business Plan templates and make not only your dream come true, but also make some nice money, your own money!