Your aim is to make African American women look and feel good, and you want to start selling hair extensions, then New York is the place to be.

Women in need for hair extensions in New York

It is very important if you start your business to analyse the market, to see if it is interesting enough to start selling hair extensions. If you want to sell hair extensions in New York, you will find 8 million people around you, of which nearly half a million African American women of between 18 and 65 years old.

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Don’t tell me this is not enough for you, but better to zoom in and to service a special niche of this market. What niche?
For this you need to continue to analyse the market, the 500 thousand women of color looking for hair extensions in New York. Facebook will help you, to gain more insight.

Did you know 1 out of 2 of these woman is most likely to be single, 1 out of three is in management, or they work in Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media. If it comes to favorite spending’s after clothes they love to spend money on health and beauty, and if you play the game right including your hair extensions.

You can use this information, and Facebook shares much more insight with you, to find your niche. Women working in a specific industry, or who follow a certain lifestyle. Be like an actor who prepares for a role and be that persona, read the stuff they read, watch the movies they watch and understand the ups and downs of their life.

Now you have to fit your hair extensions in this picture, what are the challenges your persona is facing and how can you make her feel more confident thanks to your hair. Everybody knows and it is proven, people who just got their hair done get the highest success rate in anything they do in the first week after the hair treatment. This is because success generates success.

The good thing is, if you manage to time your offer right. Thus in the week before your target client might face some difficulties. You hair will generate positive energy, and they will succeed that week. Thanks to the positive energy your hair gives them. They will not only become returning clients, but also true ambassadors for your hair business.

Selling hair extensions in New York is easier and more successful if you focus and manage to understand the women who are in your niche of the market.

Start selling hair extensions in New York

If you need help check our business templates and start today to find your niche and book success selling hair extensions in New York!

Start selling hair extensions in New York

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