You have passion for hair, and to make people feel confident so you look for Hair Extensions Job Opportunities New York. Before you start your own hair extensions business, it’s better to check on hair extensions career opportunities. You will be able to help your future clients much better if you are a qualified and an experienced hairdresser or stylist. So before you start your own hair extensions store, consider to start a paid job in hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Job Opportunities New York

Take for example New York State, if you look for hair extensions job opportunities in New York. There are plenty possibilities, from Salon Assistant to Master Hair stylist. Depending on the number of hours and the job experience you will get paid between$ 20,000 and $ 50,000, or an average of $ 27,000. This is most hair extensions jobs are paid in the range of $ 20,000 and $ 25,000.

In most hair extensions jobs you will need to have great customer service skills. For a Salon Assistant daily duties will be assisting stylist with hair weaving. So you must know how to braid, relaxers, sewing, hair washing, coloring, blow drys etc.. Most of this you will learn in cosmetology school. Because most salons demand speedy customer services, it is necessary to be able to work fast.

Hair Extensions Job Opportunities New York


In case you are already more experienced you can apply for Master Hair Stylist. Now have to be able to be highly experienced in for example Coloring and Cutting, Blow-Outs of course Braiding/Cornrows, Dread Lock Extensions, Updo’s and do not forget Hair Weaves and Hair Extensions.

The payment will be on commission or salary plus commission.

Why to start a job in the hair extensions business?

If you want a successful career in hair extensions as the owner of a hair extensions store, you need to be able to answer all questions and inquiries by yourself. Or you should know where to get the answers from. A good start is to become more experienced in this beautiful industry. So look for Hair Extensions Job Opportunities New York on google/Bing or search for recruiting agencies.

The next step

Now you are getting more and more experienced in the hair extensions business. Now you can, next to your day time job, start to work on your dream, your own hair extensions store or salon.
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