3 Reasons why you should start a hair business in Canada now!

Hair Business in Canada is growing and not all seats are taken, so if you move fast there is still room for you.

How to be sure there is an opportunity for a Hair Business in Canada

There are two ways to see if there is a growth market, first of all the talk of the town, where do people talk about and the other are the cold facts, the statistics.

The first reason

Let’s start with the first, where do people talk about? If you are in the mall, the beauty salon or attending an event in Ontario, Alberta or Quebec, where do people talk about? Indeed, the lack of a good hair supplier!

But this is a limited group of people, how many women or men with interest for hair you speak on a day? Okay, let’s see if we can hear what a bigger audience is saying, or actually looking for!
To widen the population, you can use Google Trends, check if what the people in your city or state say they are looking for, is reflected in their searches on the internet. The last 12 months you can see a high interest for Hair Extensions in, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The second reason

To validate this interest in hard dollars, it’s good to check the website of Statistics Canada. Here you can learn the expenditures in Health and of Personal Care stores, including haircare and hair extensions, has shown a 7.7% increase in June 2016 measured against last year. And in June also up against last month.

Another interesting statistic is the growth of Domestic consumption of hair extensions, both human and synthetic. The graph shows the month over month increase of demand by consumers in Canada.Hair Business Canada

The third reason

Every year around Christmas time a lot of people start their hair business because they see the huge interest for looking and feeling good. They want to benefit from this demand, but they are too late. Start your hair business in the summer and enjoy the end of year sales. So, start now to be ready to get your share of the hair business in Canada.

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