I am allergic to human hair!

It’s hard to imagine if you see me today, fully enclosed by human hair, wigs and lace closures. But if it was not thanks to medical science I would have limited myself to synthetic hair only!

I like to push away all less convenient things in life, as far as possible, to the dark grey areas of my brains. So I nearly have forgotten this. But yesterday my eldest sister played her role and when I told her about the latest news about How To Sell Hair Extensions, she reminded me about my past with a big smile. Big sisters, what would brothers do without them?

So, indeed when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I always got some guilders from my mother to have my hair cut by the barber. Yes I was born before the introduction of the euro. Every time the week after my hair cut I had a cold. My sweet mother always told me to wear a cap, even in the middle of summer. But, except the fact I forgot the cap very often, it did not help when I had the cap on my head either. Every time after my visit to the barber I had a cold for at least a week.

My mother took me to the doctor, in an attempt to stop this little drama. The reward of this visit was a week in the hospital. They would test if I was allergic or anything else. Too bad it overlapped with the week of the school camp. So my school friends were on camp and having a lot of fun, and I got punctured in both my arms. Injected with everything from garbage dust, pork and indeed human hair.


At the end of the week, the result of all the testing was that I was allergic for human hair! In my school days it was common for boys to wear the hair as long as possible, and my hair had a lot of volume. So a bad combination, to be allergic for human hair and a lot of hair of your own.

Of course I had to use medication to stop the sneezing and after some years the allergy vanished. I still have my hair, plenty of it with some thinner areas, but I do not sneeze for a week any more after I pay a visit to my barber.

Now why do I share this story with you?

I had the problem to deal with human hair, but today I spent many hours of my day, talking hair. And not only talking but I have surrounded myself with hair. So what seems to be impossible, turned into an awesome business. A business where I can talk hair all day without sneezing and where I can inspire many others to launch their own hair business or to grow faster.

Start your own hair business today!

So what seems impossible one day, can be your biggest asset the other day. Keep this in mind if you face a challenge in life and you fear you will never be able to grow or start a business. Time, resources or some help from others can make you jump over all hurdles in life and to succeed.