Cash available for hair start-ups

Start-ups in Lagos, the word is out, women in Africa are the main drivers of economic growth. This changes the social economic landscape through the whole mother continent. Women in Lagos for example become the leader of growth in many businesses. New companies in all fields are started by women and this brings financial independence for girls and women much closer.

But a main issue for start-ups in Lagos and other cities is access to capital or cash, to start and grow the hair extensions, wig or other beauty business.

FirstGem has cash for start-ups in Lagos

Now you can get support from First Bank of Nigeria, they launched a solution for women named FirstGem for women. This will provide opportunities for women to achieve their financial goals and ambition. This is the start of any business, to define your goals and mission.

FirstGem helps start-ups in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria with funding, business advice and information about the business environment. FirstGem comes in variants of Savings and Current accounts and it is designed to benefit all women who wants to go into business.

How to get access to the funds to start your business

Before you run to your First Bank Branch, please do some homework. Do not write a note with only the text “Give me my money”, not even in pink.

start-ups in Lagos

This might will lead to big misunderstandings and you run the risk the first customer of your start-up is an inmate of the Kirikiri Prison in Lagos state.



Better to prepare yourself, I recommend to think about your goals and mission of your hair extensions business. The chance you will leave the bank with some extra money in your pocket will be much higher if you can outline the branch director of credits your business ideas in a structural way.

No need to present a complete business plan, but share your plan in some bullets and it will convince the bank to take your request into consideration.

Think of:

  • How you see the hair extensions market in Nigeria
  • How you will be different from the rest
  • What the clients need
  • New ways to attract customers
  • The kind of investment you need


You need help to get inspiration to write down an excellent and original business in a couple of bullets, or a complete business proposal that will give you access to the FirstGem cash?

Simply get your copy of my eBook “From Dream to Your Own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 days”.

Feel free to contact me before you visit your local First Bank Branch.

Good luck with the start of your own hair business in Nigeria with the cash of First bank!