Turn a celebrity of Atlanta into your client

Celebrity hairstyle is the talk of the day, and so do the names of the stylists of these celebrities.  A celebrity is the best marketing ‘device’, you can have as a hair extensions store owner.

Every time the celebrity has a public appearance, your hair will be advertised. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga or Gigi Hadid with your installs. Wouldn’t that be great.



How to get your own celebrity

But how can you, as a start up in Atlanta, get in touch with those stars, those celebrities?

The answer is simple, go downtown. Visit clubs, enjoy live music venues or shows. This month go see Maxwell and Mary J Blige in their King and Queen of Hearts tour in the Philips Arena. Or dance yourself clean at the Loft on the 18th of November.

Of course, every month has its highlights, as you can see.


Grow your network of celebrities

Now great to spend a night outdoors, but what has this to-do with growing your hair business?

Easy but not that easy! Instead you keep an eye on the performing celebrity, you monitor the audience. People go to places to get inspired, so many future celebrities to be will be in Atlanta and watch the shows.


Rehearse your elevator speech

Now it’s time to make contact, of course you have your own hair extensions installed. Like a true celebrity yourself, you have prepared your elevator pitch, right? Tell the celebrity to be, everything about your business, tell her about the origin of the hair and make her, or him, fall in love with the hair. Ask her for contact details and make sure you use your smartphone to follow her on social media. Make sure she follows you back.

This is the cheapest and most entertaining way to invest in your brand, build a network of celebrities to be and one day, this can go very fast, you will have one or more big names wearing your hair! How awesome would that be!