I do not know how to start selling hair

This week I received a few mails with the same topic, “I do not know how to start selling hair”. Girls or women with fantastic ideas to make other women look great and with the passion to talk hair all day. Too bad they didn’t know how to start selling hair.

My preference is to have a chat, over Skype, and to talk together about what drives you to start selling hair extensions, to know how you want to be different and how to put the client number one.

But now I see many more women telling me I do not know how to start selling hair, I think it works more better to share my ideas with you. My ideas on how to stop dreaming and to start working on the launch of your hair extensions business.

The best way to stop dreaming is to start to act, instead of keeping your ideas in your head, you have to start to actually build your store.

Allow me to share my secret, and I have to be honest I got inspired by many others, like for example the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Clean up your room

First, clean up the room and poor yourself a nice drink and make sure to have enough healthy snacks within reach. Do not forget to organize some sheets of paper and some pencils, or brushes.

Now lock yourself up, and promise yourself not to leave the room until you have left the dreaming phase behind you and you have a first actionable plan on paper.

Stop thinking I do not know how to start selling hair.

Start thinking, or better make a drawing or sketch of how your store, your hair extensions bar should look like. Trust everything you have in your dreams to the paper. Make it a kind of brainstorm session. If the first sketch did not work well, take another piece of paper and make drawing, visualize your dream and make it real.

You will see, with every blank sheet of paper your store will become more real. It’s all about the concept, so no need to prepare a picture you could share on Instagram.
You can make drawings about various things, about how the website will look like, or your salon. How the hair will be presented, or how the clients will look like. Use your imagination and your dreams. Nothing is stupid or dumb.

From right to the left side of your brains

If you have a sketch you like and do not want to change anymore, it’s time for the next step. Now you are going to write down what see on the paper. Write down everything about clients, hair extensions or products, website or store design and marketing. Make these categories the header of a list. Now categorize the impressions, so you will have 5 or 6 tables with one header and one or more bullets with your impression of what you put on the paper. If you made a drawing of a website with pictures of hair, and a blog. Write under products the pictures of the hair and under marketing the hair blog.

From dream you went to make a drawing and from this drawing you start to write down your dream.
The amazing thing is because you made a painting of what you want, your brains will start to behave differently to. From the right part of your brains, the creative part you will start to use the left side. The left side is rationale and will help you to go into action mode. So automatically you will stop dreaming and start working on the launch of your hair store.

Go for your own store!

If you want to know more how this can work for you, contact me to get ideas by leaving a comment. Now you will never say “I do not know how to start selling hair” anymore!