Sell Hair Extensions for Free

Sell Hair Extensions for Free and grow your business, it sounds impossible.  But if it works in many other industries, why not in yours?

How can you make money if you do not ask your clients for money? How can you ever purchase hair extensions if your clients do not pay?

I agree, it sounds impossible, but it does work and generates money.


For many women, who want to feel confident, the price of the hair extensions is the number one factor to decide to look further or not. If the price is acceptable, they will spend more time in your hair store, website or beauty salon. The biggest hurdle has been taken and they are ready to shop.

If the price is too high, they will not bother to look any further, not even if you have products or services that will make them look and feel great again!

If you can take away the biggest hurdle in the selling process, you can sell so much more.


Offer alternatives

There are many alternatives to sell a product for free, for example Blue host offers a free website domain for your hair store. No need to pay for your name on the internet, if you take the hosting services and support.

Or what about a company that gives you for free a state of the art application that make it possible to connect with your friends and family. That allows you to feel close to them even if you are miles away. Think about Facebook, 100% for free, and they make money with your data.

There are more examples, do you still pay for your newspaper?

Make this work for your main product, because you will see an amazing increase of your overall sales.


How to offer Hair Extensions for Free

The answer is simple; you must switch to a different approach. The hair and beauty industry is not about selling products, its’s all about experience. To give people a complete makeover, to boost their self-esteem!

Hair extensions are, I am sorry to say, just one part of this. The instrument to make people feel confident. The best example is a before and after picture, these pictures do show the impact of a great beauty treatment. The women look great after the install. And that’s what she is willing to pay for.

Offer a complete make over service

Offer a complete make over service, or a confidence boost. It’s true, the world can come to her end, but that will not bother anybody if they look gorgeous!

Include in your service offer free hair extensions combined with a beauty treatment, you will see your client will not discuss the price of the hair anymore! It’s a kind of a bundle deal, but much more interesting for your client and you!

How are you going to implement this in your store? Let me know