7 painkillers if the struggles of selling hair extensions give you stress


Black Friday was record breaking, online sales boosted and many shops predict big earnings. Great news, but what if the carts of your online store remained empty? What if for the last weeks or perhaps even months your sales lack behind? What if the stress wins from the passion? Should you give up if the struggles of selling hair extensions are too much, or continue to make you dream come true?


When stress kills the passion

When you started to make your dream, your idea to have your own hair extensions store, you felt the energy floating through your body. You woke up in the middle of the night and quickly wrote down another great idea to beat the competition. You remember the day you told your parents? “Dad, Mum I will become a shop owner, I am going to sell hair extensions! “You will never forget the look in their eyes.


But now, when sales lack behind, when the last time you bought new inventory is long time ago and when you see your friends starting selling hair extensions and do not buy from you anymore. The stress is killing the passion. The struggles of selling hair extensions are simply too much.


I recommend you, do not give up, but start the fight! You had an awesome idea to change the beauty and hair industry for ever, you had the solution to make other women or men boost their confidence. You had a dream and you believed in it, let nobody take it away from you! I found 7 painkillers to get your passion back again, when the struggles of selling hair extensions try to demotivate you!


1 Work that body

Hair extensions are all about the head, so make sure your head is fit, I mean make sure your brains are at top condition and able to deal with the struggle you face.


You can’t massage you brains, and I do not even want to think of that, but you can give your brains a boost if you do some exercise. Go to Gym, set up a schedule to do some work outs before you start your day. Make it your number one priority!


If you want to boost the effect of your work outs, set up a training schedule and try to beat yesterday’s performance. It’s unbelievable how beating yourself boosts your confidence. Start the competition and be the winner!


2 Understand what is causing the stress


Selling hair extensions is not a single task, it’s a combination of different responsibilities. You need to:

  •  have a good hair supplier,
  •  be able to connect with your clients,
  •  get enough people interested to visit your website,
  •  have a smooth payment and logistic process.

The first step is to identify what’s not working well. If you understand the cause of your lack of sales, or the lack of visitors you can focus on this. If you feel there are multiple reasons, focus on the most important one and deal with the other later.


This will be the issue you deal with after you finished today’s work out. Direct all energy on this topic and analyse exactly where it goes wrong. Fragment the issue into smaller steps, for example. Sales is the outcome of A the product, the hair extensions you offer and B the number of clients you have.


Now take it one step deeper, your hair extensions have a price component and a quality component. Analyse how your prices compare with the competition, and what about the quality? If people visit your website, do they see reviews, are your pictures original and showing the beauty of the hair.


Breakdown every step into two and investigate how you perform and what the problem might be and come with a strategy to improve.


By doing this you start to take control again, you are going to be master of the process again and this will give you energy again, Energy you need to get great ideas again to improve your sales! Now you will no longer wake up out of a nightmare, but with great ideas again to lift your passion!


3 Reach out to others


People are social animals, we need others to share our ideas with, to feel better and to get support from. Instead of locking yourself up in your house, you need to reach out to others. Talk to your hair stylist, join a group of young entrepreneurs in your community, start a blog to reach out to people in your target group, and do not forget social media. Be social, be interested in what struggles others people face with and feel the energy again.


Don’t you feel great if somebody knocks on your door for help and you can help that person? The boost of confidence if you see how another person who was sad before walks up straight again and leaves your house with a smile?  I can tell you, this is a universal feeling, so why don’t you knock on the door of other people? Share your concerns and struggle and hear new ideas, new visions and other means of support. Perhaps they know somebody in need of good hair, or they have an uncle who is a re-tired marketing expert with time to help young entrepreneurs.



4 Don’t forget the most important person on earth!


Okay, you will only be happy if the sales goes up and the money pours in, but do not forget the most important person on earth, next to your clients and that’s you.


Take quality time, visit an exhibition, go to a concert, take time to paint or for any other creative activity that has nothing to do with your business.


Block time in your calendar and do not allow yourself to come with an excuse to work instead of having quality time. You do not only need it, you deserve it!


5 Challenge yourself


At school, you practiced for some new subjects, in the beginning you just did not get it, but every time when you understood the subject better, it was fun. When you passed the test with a high grade, you felt master of the universe. Or when you learned how to drive a car. So many things to think of in the beginning, the car, the people outside the car, the traffic rules, so many things and all moving at the same time. How will you ever learn? But you did and with every next class you improved.


Pick up a course or training, the structure will help you to amaze yourself about how smart you are and you will learn new skills that will make you improve in selling hair. You can even study online, for example Search Optimization for Beginners to get 1,000 visitors a day to your website to get a general idea about online marketing, or learn how to make drawing or any other craft if you prefer a hobby to relax more.


6 Do somebody a favour every day


You already read that helping others gives a good feeling, so it will not hurt you if you make it a recurrent task to help others. You can try voluntary work in your local community. If you lack the time, because now you must start to do gym, go out more, analyse your struggles and follow a training, try do somebody a favour every day. This can be a small thing, that puts a smile on the face of another person. And please do accept the thank you instead of waving it away. You earned it and it will make you feel good again.


7 Control your tasks


There are many things you should do on a day, but the smarter you work the better it goes. I used to work with CNN on the background and the kids walking my room in and out with important issues like what TV channel to choose or if they could have a small bite before dinner.


Now I lock myself in my room to focus on my tasks and, I prioritize the tasks in four categories:

  1. Those who bring in the money
  2. Urgent and important like handling a crisis or deadline
  3. Answering mail and phone calls
  4. Drinking coffee or social talk

In the morning when I am still fit, I focus on the first group and if time is left I handle the lower categories.

Are you also 5 people in one, go for time management

And remember, please always look for the bright side of life


“I mean, what have you got to lose?
you know, you come from nothing
you’re going back to nothing
what have you lost? Nothing!

Always look on the bright side of life”


From the Monty Python Movie life of Brian


To end this post, I want you to know I believe in you, so why won’t you? Feel free to leave a comment on how you face the struggles on selling hair extensions or schedule a call to talk!