Why does your hair extensions website drives visitors away?

I still can’t believe why people with so much passion for beauty create hair extensions websites that drives away visitors. You might think a hair extensions seller will cherish every visitor. Even stronger, every hair extensions website owner should invest in loyal visitors.

The last 5 years I have seen over 2,000 hair extensions sites in many different designs. Websites from Bigcartel or Wix, but also own designs. Some websites really outperform, but too bad there are also a big number of websites that under perform. Websites with more potential to attract en keep visitors.

Because a hair extensions website that under performs to attract new visitors or keeping visitors returning, has much in common with other sites. I started to keep a small list. This list you can get as a handy cheat sheet when you design or re design your website.

It’s a free overview for you with my main observations, from rather obvious like the names of the pictures you publish on your site to shop owners who prefer to stay anonymous.

Fill in the form and get the Download now, it’ s free!

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