You get new clients if you keep Instagram private?

Do you use the Instagram Private option? Every day, I am in contact with women who are selling hair. I love it to hear their stories.To see their Facebook and Instagram. And to listen to their struggles and to work towards solutions. Some of them are in business for some time, but many just started.

One of the most heard struggles is the lack of sales. They have beautiful hair but nobody is buying the hair. How come?

To whom you want to sell?

My first question is to whom you want to sell your hair? Who are the ladies you want to look good and what do they have in common? Some people have the ambition to sell to the whole world. Others know the focus on a certain group helps to engage more. Get a real connection with your Ideal Client and they will buy from you.

I also like to ask for the social media you use, what kind of content do you share? Do you have pictures of yourself with creative hair styles. Do you publish pictures made on a photoshoot? Or do you just share pictures you found on the internet?

I recommend home-made pictures. Pictures of happy clients, your own hair or from a photoshoot.

To share pictures borrowed from the Internet do not help to tell the visitor who you are and why they should buy from you. And you want visitors to like you and your brand right, instead of a model you are not able to deliver the hairstyle.

Why you put Instagram private ?

Everything is fine up till now, but then too often I get an experience I do not understand. After the call with you, I like to visit your Instagram account. I want to see those pictures and to like them and share them. But then, you block me, you only give access to a limited number of visitors. Your account is private.

If you do all the effort, to publish nice pictures, please allow at least your Ideal client to follow you. Publish pictures with bundle deals, and some funny images that help your Ideal Client to connect.

You can make a private Instagram account, but please also open an account for your brand. You have something beautiful to share with the world, do not forget to put your account on public!

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