China is by far the main producer of Human Hair. Increased environmental protection starts to impact this industry. The Government forces some in some regions Manufactures to close their facilities. This puts a pressure on the hair available for the export and leads to increased prices.

The regulation sees to certain regions, cities and not to the whole country. The level of pollution in a region determines if a factory must close their doors. This, not the quality of the hair extensions of an individual factory,

Environmental protection and the price of hair

The environmental protection will cause an increase of the price of the hair extensions. There will be less hair on the market. And there is no improvement of the quality of the hair. The good thing is China takes the environment serious, but for hair resellers it’s an extra challenge.

The environmental protection is for a limited period. Once the level of pollution is back at the norm, production will resume. But, it is unclear how long this will take. Some owners keep continue the production and thus delay the impact for the whole region.

What can you do?

1. Try to order more hair, if you have enough stock and the hair price will rise you will benefit for the increase.

2 Look for a second supplier. It’s good to have a good relationship with one supplier, but if this supplier for any reason can’t supply the hair. You are in trouble. Better to find a backup supplier.

3. Educate and inform you clients. Clients do not like surprises. You increase the price of the hair, and your clients, even if they love the hair, will not be happy. Educate them, tell them about what’s happening in the world of hair. Use your newsletter to keep them updated and give them news they can share with others.

4. Start cross selling, you are in the business of giving people a confidence boost. Stop selling hair extensions, but sell this look good feeling.

5. Follow this website to see what’s happening in the world of hair extensions


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