To play with your kids or to grow your hair business?

As a father of two your kids, too many times I told them, not now I am busy, later today! And boy I felt bad when I gave this answer. Between you and me, I prefer to play with my kids above anything in the world.

My 9-year-old son has a huge interest in everything on earth and in the universe. I love to discuss with hem if there is life on mars. Or to crawl on our bellies through the forest to spy on the secret life of a rabbit. My 10-year-old daughter is a self-made YouTube queen, like so many of her age. She completely disapproves my YouTube clips. I should be honest, she is a natural talent and I will never be!

But okay, I like to work and too many times when they wanted me to come out of my office and to join them my answer was. “Not now!”

I can imagine, if you have kids you will recognize this internal fight, you prefer to spend time with your kids, but there is also work to be done.

Grow your hair business and play with your kids

I found a way, I planned my tasks in my calendar with enough free time, and work earlier in the morning. I also outsourced some tasks to play with my kids and to discover the world with them.

How do you balance your time to grow your business and to enjoy being with your kids while they still need you? Because we all now, one day you will ask, hi kids shall we play? What will their response be if too many times you said not now?

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