You like to be self-employed, because now you are your own boss. Why don’t you want to struggle less? Leave the physical and emotional stress behind you and achieve real growth. Why don’t you want a real hair extensions business?

You only need to do a little test to see if you will struggle for ever, or be the owner of a respected real hair business.

Test 1. Are you too busy working to step back and to get help to build a real hair business?

How many times you say, if I have more time I will… improve the way I work.

That makes about as much sense as the person digging a hole who says, “If I keep digging my hole I can dig my way out.” Never realizing that the more they dig, the deeper they get and the more reliant their company gets on them the owner being there every day.

The odd thing is many business owners want their company to grow by investing more and more time in working harder and personally producing more. But this is so wrong, because the company can only grow when you work for the company. Didn’t you wanted to be independent, self-employed? Or you prefer to be a slave of your own company?

Let’s change roles, you do less and your company does more! How about that?

When will you free your agenda by force, step back from your business to see where you can make your business work for you? Be smarter, find new ways to automate tasks, plan instead of letting events take control of you. Create that real hair business you have been dreaming about.

Test 2. Are you willing to invest yourself out of slavery?

Yeah, slavery, because if you only can survive the day by day struggle by working harder you are a slave of your company.

Stop thinking on what will it cost me. I sell advertisements opportunities to entrepreneurs. The moment I talk about the exposure they will get with the promotions, I can see them start thinking, “aww money!” Indeed 9 out of 10 times their first response is ”How much will this cost me?”

But the thing is, you are not in the hair business to spend money. You are in the hair business to grab opportunities and to grow benefiting from the tasks you can outperform others with! You are the best in predicting next year’s hair styles, sell it! You know exactly what your clients need and like, sell it! You can write like the best about hair and beauty, sell it.

Or are you the kind of person that sees a great opportunity, but refuses to invest in this because it costs money? In this case, better to say yes boss, instead of welcome new client!

But I do not have the money to invest! It will amaze you how much cash generating potential you have in your business. All you need is to set out a strategy and plan your way to success.


Or think of all the money you lose because you did not go for that business opportunity! You deserve a medal of honor because you prefer others to enjoy the good things in life too. But what about you?

Test 3 Nice, but not today

If you visit my website more often and you like selling hair, you know the answers to the two previous questions. You know you can invest in opportunities and you know you should free up time to grow. But …. please do not tell me tomorrow will be a better day to start! Do not postpone the moment to invest in your own hair business because now it’s not the right time for it!

Why would you wait? Afraid to fail, about what other will say? Afraid you will lose your friends because the will be jealous of your success? Or afraid because you do not know what will happen if your business starts to grow.

Tell me, you prefer to let opportunities go by, to keep on struggling to survive?

If not, schedule a call with a mentor to start today and to grab all those business opportunities to grow a business and stop struggling