Last week I spoke with a young entrepreneur in the hair extensions business, called Megan. I had met her before, but we never had time for long real talks. Often, I was busy on my way to somewhere else and she always was interacting with her clients.

This time I met Megan after Church, after the ceremony there is always time for tea or coffee. I like to stay and to meet people and to discuss the service and of course what happens in the world. A service is a moment to thank the Lord, and to find inspiration. I do need the money too, but I also work because it’s my duty to support others. The network I have, my knowledge and experience, I got it all from the Lord to help others. So, first I thank HIM on Sunday and later with a cup of coffee in my hand I try to make it work.

The hair extensions business

Megan, works very hard and makes long hours, as many entrepreneurs do. But for Megan there is an extra challenge, Megan is dyslexic, she has difficulties to read and write. Not because she didn’t go to school, but because she has a malfunctioning.

This dyslexic takes a lot of energy and extra organization. For verbal communication no problems, but written gives stress every single time. People not familiar with her dyslexia often respond by looking down on her. It’s like if you do not communicate well, you are less intelligent. People disqualify you!

But despite all this stress, all the struggle Megan faces, she managed to launch and grow her own business. It was impressing and Megan told me how she managed, with as little writing and reading as possible.

Success is in your head

She shared with me her grandmother had told her how to succeed. First, her granny explained her success or happiness is something in your head. Only you feel you succeeded, if you manage to beat your own expectations, you feel the success. And this makes you feel happy! Many people measure their own performance with the achievements of others. This is not the best way to measure success. Better to measure the success of your effort based on your own achievements. Why? Because this is something you can control. You can’ t influence others. Many try this every day, but does that make you happier?

So first set your goals and beat them! Of course, do not cheat and set realistic goals.

As mentioned the best way for success is to improve your own achievements, day after day. Megan told me this was her secret. Every day she tried to outperform the day before. No need for writing a log. All she did was to schedule more talks, contact more leads as the day before. Make less mistakes, or better sales pitches. This was not only an effort she could do on the job, it also helped her to feel better.
This stimulated her and helped her to grow her business. All without facing difficulties because it was so hard for her to write.

Tell me

Tell me in the comments below this post if you think this will work for you too. If you did not comment yesterday, leave a comment today and do not forget to leave the URL of your website or shop. The latter will help you to get more backlinks and make your way up on the ranking of the search engines. One more succes for you!

I look forward to hear how you succeed in the hair extensions business today, have a nice Sunday!