It’s odd if you want to share tips about business ideas for women, you include a balance with other tasks. The great thing is, to combine selling hair extensions with other duties. Like education, another job or the care of family members.

Selling hair extensions, nails or other beauty products are great business ideas for women. These are sales activities that need a high level of understanding of the other person. For this reason, I notice a high number of nurses or medical students among the clients of my services. Selling hair is all about care!

You look for business ideas for women

One risk for women who want to start their own business, is they care too much for their loved ones or other people in their environment. Too many times I talk to women with great business ideas, who later give up. They are too occupied by these other tasks.

I recommend to, not only to put yourself number one now in your life, but also to make a short list:

– Why do you want to start a business, what is the goal?

– What do you like to do?

– What do you want to learn?

What is your goal

It’s great to have new ideas about a business all the time, unless you want to stop dreaming because you need the money. If cash is the goal of your business ideas make sure to stop thinking in time and to start working on your dream.

You feel lonely in a new neighborhood because your friends left to another corner of country, start selling hair can be a great idea to find new friends.

But why not follow mother Theresa and make the world a better place? Support others with the revenue of your business. Give people who have a hard time to find connection with society a place in your business. This can be because of the language, a handicap or any other reason society thinks they are different.

If you know you need the money you should behave like an entrepreneur as of day one. You can afford to go nonprofit make sure you have the right network to support you.

What do you like to do?

Money is important, but better to pick an activity you are passionate about. Especially if you sell beauty people notice if you are there only for the cash. Or if you feel that ambition to make every client leaving your store look more gorgeous than the previous client.

Go for your passion and let nothing stop you


If you have an idea for a business but you do not want all the other talks, like bookkeeping, looking for suppliers, dealing with unhappy clients. You should not look for Business ideas for women but for a nice hobby that inspires you and generates energy.

Before you start a business, ask your family members to share their opinion. Do they see you as an entrepreneur? Sometimes you can also look for somebody less close to you. You need an unbiased opinion.

If you feel selling hair is the best business idea for you, I am ready to support you