One day you wake up and say, “ I want to start my own hair business ” how can I start?

That moment, you feel the passion of starting something new. Every fresh idea energizes the human mind and that gives you a great boost. You feel happy. The creative part of your brain functions at top speed. You will produce one idea after the other. Nothing can stop you from thinking about that great dream you had “ I want to start my own hair business ”


The next thing is to start to search the internet for hair suppliers, you need hair to sell. Right? You talk to your best friends who all want to buy from you. On your tablet, you make a quick design of the website and of course you open your own Facebook page. Now you are in business, let’s go!


But the hair suppliers start to eat your money for the samples you buy, your friends have found another new thing in town; they are in virtual reality glasses now. Nobody wants to follow you on Facebook. You lost the design of the website, you can’t find it anymore in your folders.

What happened to the enthusiasm?

There is a difference between the creative stage of having ideas or daydreams and the reality of building a business. From I want to start my own hair business you transform to I am building my own hair business. Now you need to bring structure. To build the machine that will go for growth. You should be sober and critical.
You must stop dreaming to start to work on your dream, your own hair business,

Free hair extensions for a fresh plan

I offer free hair extensions for all those with great plans to start selling hair, with one condition. The plan has to be unique and you must go for the long term. I realize these are two conditions, but it sells so much better if I mention there is only one condition to get free hair extensions.

Last week I received a growing number of mails. Hardly any one contains an idea that is ready to beat the competition. Or to change the hair industry for ever to make you stay in business for a long time.

Stop dreaming

Challenge your dreams. Understand the idea is only the piece of rock that contains the diamond that will build your hair business. Now it’s up to you to cut it into a business.
Use the dream that woke you up with the idea “ I want to start my own hair business ” as the start of your journey not as the result.
Write down the dream, and challenge it like somebody else told you about their dream. Think of:

  • Is the dream telling you a concept that is new or fresh for your market?
  • What is your market, to whom will you be selling?
  • How much money will you need to follow your dream, in your dream you do not have to pay for anything, in real life you do have to
  • Be honest, why will people leave their current supplier for your dream?

It feels bad to break a dream into pieces and to experience it was only a dream and will never be a business. If you feel the passion for hair you will keep on dreaming about your own store. One day you will have a dream that is rock sold, that is the foundation for your own hair business.

Keep on dreaming

So, next time you dream I want to start my own hair business, please do not start to buy hair right away but stop dreaming and challenge it. You will start you’re a successful business soon!

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