To be a Start-Up Hair Business owner is fun, exciting and with never a dull moment. But that’s not enough, it’s important to find a path to profitability. Because only with a sustainable hair sales base you will get the cash flow needed to grow and develop your business.
How to protect your investment of long hours in your own hair business? There is no link between working long hours and building a successful hair business. But it is possible, if you use the right strategy to move from a start-up hair business to a growing store.

Launch your start-up hair business

At the launch of your hair store you put all your effort in the design and planning of your new hair bizz. In this stage, you are not only working behind your desk, it’s important to get market feedback. You need to know if what you think the market desperately needs, is indeed what the market needs. Is there enough interest for your hair brand?

On your action list for your Start-Up Hair Business should be to get a well understanding of your business. How will you be different, how will you beat the competition and how will you turn your ideas into a real hair business.

If this is clear, it’s time to test your ideas, your own expectations of your start up hair business with those who really know. The market, this refers to your clients, to people who might be recommending your hair brand to your clients like stylists and do not forget wholesale hair suppliers.

With all this info at hand you can start to draft your business plan. A good business plan will help you to address everything that is important for your start up hair business to become a growing business. In the eBook, you will find an example hair business plan you can use.

Before you start to sell your hair, you need to be sure you know everything about the hair. You should be able to respond to any question of your clients. Not only when selling the hair, but also if they will ever return with a complaint. You will have to install the hair yourself. But also test the communications channels you use; will your audience receive the message with the right intention. Test, test test.

Check the eBook for support to go to the next phase