You run an online hair extensions business, so you are your own boss, right? Question, how many hours a week does this business owe you? How long is your working week? Do you want to run a business, or do you want to be self-employed for the rest of your days?

You need to factor in all the time you work. Including answering emails on your smartphone, while waiting in the queue. Or the time at night you worry about the sales. This is all time that the online hair extensions business takes from you.

Do you still feel the passion for running your own online hair extensions business? Or does it feel like you are working for a boss again, like you are a slave of your business? Do you belong to the people who thought business owners have complete freedom? That business owners can decide when they work and when not? Now you are in business, does it still feel like that? Or is the hair business, dictating your calendar?


One simple question? When was the last time you did not work in the weekend? When was your last holiday that lasted longer than 2 days and felt like a holiday?

Do you feel your online hair extensions business has taken over control? If the answer is yes, you did not build a business but created a job with less days off than your previous job!

An online hair extensions business does not have to be a job.

In the beginning of your own hair business you must work long hours, that’s the bitter truth. Everything is coming your way and you should deal with everything. No freedom, no control, no day off. Fun, excitement, doubts and disappointments is filling this time.

After this stage, you will start to get your grip back on life. You will learn the tasks to perform and how to embed them in your business. But you will still have to work long hours, because you cannot delegate this to anybody else.

If you feel you are in control and you know what tasks you can delegate to others, or automatize, you will also get back your freedom. Now you are your own boss of your online hair extensions business. This hair business will operate also when you are not around.

Stop driving sales!

It seems odd but the best way to regain control and freedom is to stop being the machine that feeds your business. Stop driving for sales, all by yourselves. If you do not manage to halt being the only source for new business, you will never be able to scale your business.

You need to have a business that is generating value for your clients but also is ready to grow.

I mentioned it before, you get the best ideas when you can relax. Step away from day to day business. Is it clear WHY you want an online hair extensions business? It’s amazing how your brains will work for you if you imagine, what the goal is of all the effort you put in the business.

What would be in it for you, your loved ones and clients if your business was a machine build for growth? A hair business that was not consuming all your time?

Wrong ideas that keep you from your own online hair extensions business

What can hold you back from the big step to create a business that runs like a machine?

-The risk.

A real business might fail because a huge number of businesses do not make it their second or third year.

Okay, but that is because most of the business owners have:
no clear model, few skills, no mentors or advisors, and an inadequate support system.

In other words, it’s not the businesses that fail them. They fail their businesses because they don’t invest the time and energy in themselves as owners. They work hard, but they work hard at the wrong things. They work at the job of doing their business, not at their role as a business owner. It’s not about hard work, it’s about smart work!

Create a community around you of people that support you. Invest to strengthen your skills, this will reduce the risk you fail as a business owner.

– Too much time

You need to invest time to turn an idea into an online hair extensions business. But you need to create a hair business, not become self-employed. This means you should build a business that will function well without you. With every step you take, think on how it can be done without you. This is the great thing of an online business; many operations are constructed you do not even have to be there! Like an automated shopping cart on your website, or payment module.

– How to stay in control of all this?

Stop to think you need to be in control of every detail of your online hair extensions business. Instead, learn to build your business with the systems, team, controls, and scalable solutions in place that enable it to operate independent of your autocratic control. The more you build for personal control, the more you’re trapped into being there daily to exercise that control and to run your business. If all decisions and key actions must come back through you, then you become the single greatest bottleneck inside your own business.

– I do not have the money

Again, an online hair extensions business has many advantages, you can not only automate many tasks, you do not need too much money to start. Many business started with a capital of $ 10,000 or less. Focus on your expenses and see how you can create a community of business owners where every business owner helps each other with the tools and expertise in house. Or what about crowd funding?

Ready to start?

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