There are two ways to generate more hair sales. One way is to try to attract as many visitors as possible to your website. The other way to improve the effectiveness of your hair webstore to boost sales with the same number of visitors. With conversion rate optimization, you aim on the latter.

Of course, you can do both. Let’s first focus on how to get more hair extension sales with the people who already visit your website.

Test, test and test

Conversion rate optimization is not a one-off exercise, you should keep on testing the path your visitors follow before they convert into a client. This is the sales funnel.

Thanks to conversion rate optimization you will be able to learn how to adapt your:
– website pages,
– font,
– images to earn more money.
You will test every or option, until you find the best converting, read sales generating page.

It will surprise you even a small change might have a huge impact. Changing a word in your call to action button can increase the conversion ratio to 200 percent or more. Or change color, from read instead of green!

Do not trust your gut feeling. Better to use the possibilities of Google Analytics to read the mind of your clients and to sell more.
There is no limit in the number of tests you can run, you can test headlines, button colors, other images and much more.

Why would you spend time on conversion rate optimization?

The competition on the internet is fierce, especially in the hair extensions business.

To drive a growing number of visitors to your website will need a growing budget for advertisements or time create content.

If you manage to seduce your current visitors to buy more, you do not need to invest extra money or time. Once you found the best conversion option, your investment in advertisements and content will generate many times their investment. It’s the best of both worlds.

Suppose your hair extensions store has 1,000 visitors a month. You can find this number with Google Analytics. From these visitors, 5 (or 0,5%) buy hair and generate $ 1,500 sales. Increase this conversion rate to 8% and you will be able to get 8 clients from the same 1,000 visitors generating $2,400 sales. Wit the same number of visitors.

The great thing is you do not need to lower your price or to sell other hair to get more sales. You optimized your sales funnel and you can make more money. Without spending more money or time per client. In fact, your expenses to get a client will reduce and you can use this money not only to generate more profit but also to invest in advertisement.

How to test

A/B testing is the method where you use two different variations of a web page or landing page. Each page should get the same number of visitors. After several visitors have visited page A or page B you then measure the conversions for each variation. The page with the highest number of conversions, this can be email sign up, but also sales is the winner. Now you will only use this page to enjoy the high conversion rate of this page variation.
This method is not the same as a before and after test, you change a page and see the number of conversions of the new version to be higher or lower. Because you do not test the page at the same time with the same audience, every before and after test has less quality. Image you get in one week a lot of visitors but they are not the people that will buy hair.

Check on the competition

Of course, you can check what others do, learn from the competition, but this is not without any risk. You do not know the kind of visitors who visit the website of the competition, or the number. Your website will have another design and colors. Any change should be considered in line with all the elements of the website.

When is the test useful?

Every modification of your website that influences the conversion should be tested. If the page is a part of your sales funnel, please be sure you include this page in a test. Never ever trust your own gut feeling, better to ask all your website visitors for their opinion. The test results can be used to back any discussion or brainstorm session. Make sure to only focus on the goal of your website. If you want to increase the hair sales, analyse the steps from the landing on your website to the cart.