Selling hair extensions is not always easy. Because the nature of the business your clients will only buy on an average two or three times a year to your store. Read how to grow your hair business in New York, using the eldest sales technique, word of mouth.

All clients, (or 90%) follow the recommendations from someone they know, for example friends or family. The great thing is, thanks to modern technology, you can use word of mouth also to grow your hair business in a big area like New York.

Friend and relatives share their experiences with hair stores on social media with all their followers. Given the fact 3 out of 4 users on Facebook are female, imagine the impact for your business. On top of these recommendations you must add up the reviews from bloggers.

But still the biggest part of the word of mouth marketing is done offline.

How to use word of mouth to grow your hair business in New York

To start you must understand there are three types of word of mouth:
– Experiential, this happens when a client shares her views because she bought the hair extensions. If she shares her comment on twitter or Instagram, or tells her friends about her new extensions. This kind of communication is the most frequent one.
– Intentional, this is the case when a celebrity promotes hair extensions
– Consequential this is when people respond to a marketing campaign, and share or comment.

How to make word of mouth work for you

1. Be original

The best way to make people talk about you is to give them something to talk about. Something exceptional. The best quality or a very creative package to wrap the hair extension. But if did an exceptional effort to find the hair your client was looking for, this is food for talk!

2. Ask

It’s amazing how willing people are to share their good experience with you, if you ask them too. Make it easy and give some extra business cards. And do not forget to place your logo on the mirrors in your salon or store.

Make it easy, if your clients only should type one or two lines and the review is shared this will increase the number of reviews.

3. Reward your clients

It’s said many times; your loyal clients are the best ambassadors you can wish. They know your brand, they like the hair and they buy from you. Give them an interesting discount to buy from you if they refer a friend.

This will help you to grow your hair business in New York, but if you are located elsewhere it will pay off to invest in word of mouth marketing too.