Hurricane Harvey has harmed all us, all over the world. It is heartbreaking to see how this Hurricane Harvey has made so many victims. From family members, destroyed homes and other properties.

Please know, I have included you in my prayers, and I keep a close watch on the news. It’s also great to see so many people who help others.

If you run a hair and beauty store you need to take care of your business too. Next to the struggle for clean water, fresh food and a roof above your head.

Too bad too many experts agree on one thing, recovery from Hurricane Harvey will take a long time. Find 5 suggestions from U.S. Small Business Administration to give guidance in a recovery to normal business.

1 Register for federal assistance

Register for federal help with FEMA online. This gets you connected with a variety of recovery resources available. This includes housing assistance, grants and disaster loans.

2 Contact Insurance agent

Get in touch with your insurance agent as soon as possible. The Insurance Information Institute has tips on how to settle insurance claims after a disaster, like Hurricane Harvey.


3 Hurricane Harvey Page

Check out SBA’s Hurricane Harvey page. Here you can get information about how to apply for low-interest disaster loans for:
– homeowners,
– renters, – businesses of all sizes, and
– private nonprofit organizations.

4 Loan Deferments

The SBA is offering loan deferments on existing loans to businesses and individuals in the counties affected by Hurricane Harvey.

5 Beware of scams!

If someone tells you they’ll help with your SBA disaster loan application or other forms of federal recovery assistance “for a small fee,” they’re running a scam. Federal help programs are available to the public at no cost. Always ask for identification. Protect yourself from fraudulent building contractors by asking for appropriate licenses and local references.

Again, if you are in any way effected by Hurricane Harvey I pray for you. Please use the information on my website plus the help from organizations like FEMA and SBA.

6 Leave a comment for help or if you can offer some support

Please leave a comment, or contact me, for any advice on how to start selling hair again after Hurricane Harvey. Or if you have ideas to support others to get back into business again!

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