Too many times I hear a good hair business idea, told by a very ambitious and passionate woman that ends with “I have no money to start my hair store”.

We all know money does not grow on trees, and family members are not always able to support the new entrepreneur in the family. Banks are reluctant to support many startups. So, what can you do to find money to start your hair business.

Thanks to our collaboration with Shopify, the biggest provider of Ecommerce solutions, we can offer you a guide to find money to start your hair business.

The guide is written for everybody who wants to tap into the most social form of fundraising, crowdfunding. But the great thing is, with some adjustments you can also use this guide to apply for a bank loan or to interest other investors to put cash into your hair store. This Guide tells you everything to find money to start your hair business.

Where did it start

Every year since 2010 artists have received more funds from crowdfunding than they have from the National Endowment of Arts. Meanwhile, it’s propelled new businesses, like Oculus Rift, which raised $2.4 million dollars on Kickstarter before being acquired by Facebook for $2 billion; and Pebble, one of the early trendsetters in smartwatches.

This “pennies from many” model allows many more people to pursue their creative and entrepreneurial visions. For prospective entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is an exciting way to generate attention, validate an idea, and perhaps most importantly, raise capital without going into debt.

It’s not easy, but with some help you can get enough money

Running a successful campaign is no walk in the park. That’s why Spotify has put together The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding. You’ll find in everything you need to know about the right sort of product to crowdfund and how to transition to an enduring campaign afterwards, with data-driven advice on optimizing your campaign page.

In addition to up-to-date and novel advice, this guide includes in-depth interviews with four entrepreneurs who got their start with successful campaigns. These include interviews with Canary Home Securities, which raised $2 million to become Indiegogo’s most-funded hardware project; and Catan Boards, which raised 1,400% of its funding goal.

Fund Your hair Store

If you need money to start your hair business, salon, store or bar, I recommend reading the guide and to prepare yourself to tell the world about your awesome idea to change the world of hair extensions for ever. All made possible by you and the money funded by people who believe in you!

Do You Need Money To Start Your Business?