Start your own hair store, online or offline, in 2018, stop dreaming and start selling! I will help you!

Every year around this time, I make up the balance of girls and women who contacted me with questions like ” How to start selling hair, I love to sell hair, but I do not know how, can I sell hair with no money” or similar kind of questions.

Most of the time I managed to answer in person by mail or WhatsApp, or you inspired me to write a blogpost to answer your questions. I shared the experience off many beauty startups, in nearly every country of the planet, to make sure you will be able to start selling. I like to read your mails and comments full of great ideas and ready to beat the competition. So many suggestions and plans to make the hair and beauty world a better place.

You can get all the help needed on this website, from wholesale suppliers, to marketing guidance and ideas, from websites to promotion, but still too many times the dream to start selling hair does not lead to a real business.

At the end of 2016 I took the initiative to help 1,000 women to start their own business. I am grateful I was able to help many startups to launch their business or at least to proceed with their business plan in 2017.

If you have the plan to start your own business and you have a great idea and the passion to make others look and feel good, I want you to stop dreaming and to start with executing your plans. Start selling.
Let nobody and nothing stop you from start selling hair, 2018 will be your year!

I do not want you to think of your own good justification not to start your own hair extensions store in 2018. For that reason, for all of you who are ready to start selling hair I added more supporting tools to the all-in-one hair business package. All the help you can dream of in one package, including your own mentor.
I will start in 2018 with webinars to answer your questions in real time and to educate you all you need to know about selling hair, hair and marketing.

For 2018 I want to help another 1,000 women. If you are number 1,001 sorry but indeed you’ll keep on dreaming.

If you want me to help you to start, if you want to stop dreaming and start selling hair, tell me in the comments. I will contact you, we schedule a call and you will make the hair market rock!

You want to go for it? Leave a comment to tell me you are ready to start a hair business and I come to help you in 2018