Increase your margin as salon owner by selling hair extensions


There is a great way of increasing your profit margin as salon owner or stylist. Make more money that is not related to the number of hours you and your staff work, but by selling additional products, like hair extensions.


You run a full-service beauty salon and your aim is to provide customer satisfaction by offering excellent service, quality products and an enjoyable atmosphere in the right price value range. To make this work you also ensure your staff feels at home and likes to work with and for you. In other words, you offer everything to make your clients look and feel good!



What are the key factors to grow your salon business or as stylist


·Location, the location should be easily accessible for your clients, enough parking or close to a public transport connection. The location should also fit with your target audience, if for example you aim at clients who can afford to pay above average for an awesome hair treatment but lack the time, be sure you are located near the business center.


·Offer convenience, try to make your salon a one stop shop, and offer a wide range of services through extended business hours. Think of adding nail and skin care services.


·Reputation. Protect and invest in your reputation. If you work with staff or other co-workers, make sure everybody understands the value of a good reputation.


And…., offer you own brand of hair extensions!



If you have a good reputation, you should not only protect your reputation, but also invest in this reputation and why not, make money out of it.


A great way to let your reputation work for you is to start with your own brand of hair extensions. How can you start your own brand of hair extensions as stylist?



·Select the best hair you can get that fits with your market proposition as stylist


·Get you own promotion, marketing and packaging material, use the same style and format as your company


·Recommend the hair to your clients and make their next hair treatment even more convenient because they do not have to bring their own hair,


·To start, give away some extensions to your top clients, they will be your best ambassadors and ask them to share photo´s on you social media


·Do not forget to advice on daily maintenance of the hair extensions


·Offer maintenance services for hair extensions


Now you´ll have a product that allows you to make additional money for your salon, regardless the number of hours your work, plus extra marketing exposure! If you want to find more examples on how to make more money with hair extensions as salon owner or hair stylist, try our eBook.


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