To start your own hair extensions business or in fact any business, you need to be clear in your reasons for starting the business. What do you want to achieve and why and are you able to do so?

You need to have a clear picture of yourself and your current position. How much money do you need, are you able to even save some money, what is your passion in life and how do you deal with disappointments for example. Running your own business can bring security a considerably greater income and even more flexibility in your life, because now you are the boss. You are in the driving seat, but being the boss is not always easy.


First of all you need to know if the hair business is really your passion, you should really know and want to know everything about hair and hair extensions. If hair is your passion, it will makes it easier to work the extra hours and your clients will notice your enthusiasm and this will make it easier to sell (so a win-win situation).


Be sure you have clear aims and goals in your mind before you start, what you want to achieve, not only in money but also in balance between work and family or other important things in life. And be sure you have a goal to go to, not a place to run away from.


Take some time and be honest with yourself do you have all the skills needed to be your own boss. It´s about knowledge, experience and personal skills. What skills do you have to learn

before you really know everything about the business, clients, products, bookkeeping etc? If possible get the right education before you open your shop, once you are open the time and

money spent to learn will only get up.

And why don´t you ask your family or friends about their view on your commercial and business skills, it´s good you believe in yourself but never forget to listen to others also. Email us if you have any question before you can start your own business, we help you for free!