Are you happy with your hair extensions sales?

This question, are you happy with your hair extensions sales, I ask many of the entrepreneurs in the hair business. You know what answer I hear most? … No.

hair extensions salesToo often people are unhappy with their hair extensions sales but they fail to analyse it and to act upon it. The last four years I saw to many people who started their hair business with passion and original ideas to give up. They lost believe in the awesome dream they once had, their own hair extensions business and to be their own boss.

You need a drink

If this sounds familiar to you, if you struggle with your hair extensions sales, it’s time to take a day off from the daily routine, pour yourself a nice drink and rest your feet on a small table.

It’s time to analyse, and the best way is to go through all the main processes of your store or salon.
For example:

  1. What is my mission, or why am I selling hair extensions?
  2. Who I want to help to look and feel good and do these people know how to find me?
  3. Who is buying my hair and how much do they spent?
  4. Did I ever had complaints, and what do people say about my store or hair (be honest to yourself)?
  5. What do people like about my store?
  6. How is the interaction on my social media, can I communicate with my visitors and do they tell what they want?
  7. Do I have a tool to upgrade the relation with the visitors of my website and how is the intake and the use?
  8. What is the competition doing, on pricing, marketing etc.?
  9. How do I monitor performance, financial, website and social media usage?

If you have a picture of this on your tablet, you will be able to discover where the sales could be improved and where you have to stop or to chance (and how) you offer the hair extensions sales.

Influence your client to buy from you

hair extensions salesI would like to share with you some very useful information I learned about how people make their decisions and how you can influence them (always in a positive way). Source. Dr. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, based upon the book Influence” from Dr. Cialdini.

The world today is too complex to make decisions to say yes or no based upon all the available information. You will never make any decision any more if you have to think so much before you can act. So what happens in our brain?

Lazy brain

Our brain is lazy and instead to consider all possible options, it suggest us to use short cuts to guide us, and you can use them to influence the decision making of your target audience.

There are 6 factors to take into account

1. Reciprocity

You feel obliged to give back to others what they received first. In a way you owe something to another. Your neighbors invited you to their house, most likely you will do the same. You want to see hard figures? A study shows in a restaurant, if the waiter gives a small present by bringing the bill, for example a simple mint. The tip given by people who enjoyed the diner increased by 3%. If the waiter doubles the gift, the tip goes 14% up.

But watch what happens if the waiter shares one single mint when he hands over the bill and walks away from the table, but turns back and shares some more mint adding he just likes them. In that case the tips increased by a 23 %.

So it’s not what you give, but how you present it and if it is personalized and unexpected. You can use this if you perform that market survey to know what your clients really want.
TIP: see at the end of this post how you can you can influence your hair extensions sales

2. Scarcity

Another factor that influences decisions is if things seems to be scarce. So next to the benefits of your products, you also need to point out what is unique and what they stand to lose if they do not buy it. People want more of things they can get less off.
TIP: see at the end of this post how you can you can influence your hair extensions sales

3. Authority

People follow the recommendations of experts. People even give more small coins for a parking meter if the person asking for the change is wearing a uniform! But how can you tell the world you are an expert if you do not have 100 thousand s friends on Facebook yet? You need to begin one day, right? Well, if somebody else tells the world your background and experience for you it’s okay too. It is not important if it is obvious the two of you are not only connected, but also likely to prosper of the introduction herself. Science shows a good introduction increased the number of appointments by 20% and 15% increase in closed deals.
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4. Consistency

People like to be consistent with things they have previously said or done. Consistency is activated by looking for and asking for small initial commitments that can be made. This gives 4 x higher conversions, as long people act on a voluntary and active basis and gave their commitments in public.
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5. Liking

People prefer to say yes to persons they like, because they

  • are similar to us
  • pay compliments to us
  • cooperate with us towards mutual goals

TIP: see…. , you already know where

6. Consensus

People look at the actions and behaviors of others before they perform their own actions. For example, in hotels we are always asked to reuse the towels. Often with a reference to the benefits for the environment. 1 out of 3 guests follow this request. But 75% of people will re-use their towels during their stay anyhow. When this was mentioned on the card in the bathroom, the number of followers increased by an extra 26%.
TIP: nearly

Do you want the tips?

Now was this post helpful? Will you use it to improve your sales method?

If so, please share your comment with me under this post, how are you going to use this to increase your sales? I will share my tips on how you can influence your hair extensions sales with everybody with a comment on this post, or shared it on their social media. Fair deal right?