Sell bulk hair extensions as distributor or as your own boss?

You want to start selling bulk hair extensions, but you do not know where to start? You want to start selling bulk hair extensions online, and to keep the investment little? You first want to see how the business progresses?

You can start to sell bulk hair extensions using distributor firms like Pure Remy, Mayvenn and similar hair extensions marketing concepts for distributors. Or you can start your own hair business.

Why are you in this business?

Yeah, why are you in this business? It’s very important to have an answer on this question. Regardless if you want to sell for a corporation like Pure Remy or Mayvenn or if you want to be your own boss.

Think about your mission. Your goal to make people feel self-assured, to work with customers you can look and feel gorgeous and with a focus on a certain fragment of the overall hair market. If you do not have this clear, it will be very problematic to:
– Make the right choice to start your own business but also
– To know if you are accomplishing your goals

So, first think about what you want to accomplish if you sell weaves, wigs, clip ins or bulk hair extensions. Where you want to be with your business in say three years from now?

Are you a distributor?

It is very thinkable to become a distributor for companies like Pure Remy or Mayvenn and that these concepts will work for you. These firms are fixated on selling hair and you are going to help them to grow their brand. You will not be your own boss, because:
– you will invest in their brand name not your own name
They will tell you how to market the hair, following the campaigns that works for their large number of clients, and not focused on your clients and leads
– They give you the prices range, so no tailor made prices for your own customers

it will not be possible to build up your own brand and
you cannot focus 100% on your market niche, the people in your community you want to sell bulk hair extensions too.

But you get a lot of backing, webinars about promotion and selling and you become participant of a big family of other distributors selling hair extensions.
So, your initial investment is restricted, but the upward potential, the revenue of all your effort you have to share with the company.

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Are you your own boss?

You have been thinking quite some time to sell hair extensions, to have a loyal community of women, or men, you can attend to and who will come back to your store because they like your brand, your service offering and your hair extensions, in other words they like you!

If you do not want to follow the procedures of others, but you want to work for your own company and keep the earnings for yourself, it’s better to launch your own brand of hair extensions. Purchase bulk hair extensions and manufacture your own brand, buy good weaves or clip ins and sell them in your own store, under your own conditions that fit your ideal clients the best.

You decide!

Two options to start selling hair extensions, with different levels of freedom to be your own boss and to make money, you become a distributor or you become your own boss.

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