Social marketing, George Clooney or your hubby

After a long day selling hair, you sit on the coach in comfortable clothes. You only want to relax your brains and body to watch that blockbuster movie on TV. The scene shows your role model in the dessert. She is in trouble! In the mean time you are getting thirsty, but you do not want to pause the movie, you want to know what’s going to happen next!
Suddenly in the far distance a jeep, or is it a camel is heading towards her. You see the tension in her eyes, is this good or bad news?

Just before you can see who is coming, you get a cold shower. A break, advertisements! George Clooney drinking coffee in a $ 3,000 suit! The carefully built up excitement, is completely gone. Now what? You wait to finish the ads or you go to the kitchen to look for a drink?

But now your hubby or partner, wearing that trouser you told him to throw away for a long time, asks you what you want to drink!

Now comes the question, who will impress you more? George Clooney or your hubby in that old trouser? Who do you want the most right now!

Your hubby, right? If not, please skip the rest of this post and only leave an answer why you are not interested in your hubby anymore!

For those who did prefer their partner. This is what’s called social marketing. Communicate and interact with your target audience in a pleasant not disturbing way! The TV advertisements broke into your life and shouted by us! But your partner understood your needs for that moment. Even in a 7 years old jeans, he still looks more attractive then George Clooney, right!

So why don’t you use Social Marketing more often yourself to attract visitors and convert them into clients?

Social Marketing takes time but pays off at the end

Okay, you can start social marketing with zero budget. But you can consider to use advertisements. To build an effective social media presence takes time, effort and patience. You can’t hurry love.

Accept Social Marketing is for the long run. Do not expect short term results.

Stay focused. Select the two or three social media platforms your ideal clients prefers to use. Avoid to copy the same message over all platforms, the postings should be complementary.

Be social. Do not talk only, even if it’s about hair. Social Marketing is about interaction, keep the conversation going. So plan 20 minutes a day to read, share, comment, like, retweet the ideas of others. Share relevant content.

Remember, a simple post “Good morning” has more impact than “Buy Now Three #Bundles AAAAAAA grade #Brazilian Bundle deal $$$$$”.

So please share in the comments if you prefer George Clooney in his expensive suit or your partner wearing the 7 years old trousers?