Don’t lose your hair business due to an email hack

You run a great hair business on social media, with a growing flow of visitors who rather often leave a comment. This is fun hair business; you only wish you had more sales. But you know this will come over time. Do not hurry the hair business.
Suddenly from one day to the other you get less comments, the number of visitors decline and your sales fall! What has happened to your hair business?

hair business

Most probably your hair business has been hacked.

What might cause this?

Do you use a, @hotmail or account for example, but no business account?
Do you place the name of your hair store on the left side of the address name? For example,

If you said yes to these two questions, I recommend you to read further to keep your hair business.

You can’t hide your success

If your hair business is doing well, and that is easy to see for everybody because you will have nice comments and a lot of inquiries on the social media. You can’t hide your success. As a matter of fact you want others to see you’re are doing well. This is the best way to grow your business.
If you have a growing number of followers, but you still use a non-corporate email address, big chance somebody will benefit from your success and steal your traffic and thus your clients.

How can somebody steal my clients?

It’s very easy for the competition to steal your clients, or at least to take away the traffic you generate with all your effort. All the competition has to do is:

  1. to register a new domain
  2. with your besthairshopatlanta name, or any other name
  3. publish a website that has the same
  4. design
  5. logo and
  6. colors of your brand and

people searching on the internet for your brand will end up…. in the webstore of the competition.
That’s an easy way of doing business for very little money, and you did all the work.

For very little money you can protect your own business

Unless it is your intention to help others grow their hair store, protect your own store and claim a domain. Be smarter than others and register your domain, for 50 dollar or less you can already protect the business you have built up so carefully the last years.

You can wait until it somebody steals your clients, or protect your name, brand, and clients now!