Start your own hair store, is a dream for many. The title of my eBook “From Dream to Your Own Hair Business, in Only 10 Days” is exactly chosen for this. Sometimes I speak to people who have been dreaming for two, three years or sometimes even longer.

What is keeping you to start your own hair store?
The decision to start you own hair store is not easy. Many questions pop up:
– Do I know enough about marketing?
– Will I find the right hair?
– Is there room for a new hair store in my town, too much competition
– Where will I get the money to buy the hair
– … HELP

There is enough support for you

The aim of the website and social media is to help every girl, woman or man with this kind of questions. There is a lot of expertise available. If needed you can call a mentor or coach find the best possible answer to start or grow your hair business. Because you are the boss, but you are not alone!

Your own mentor

Need Money?

You need money to make money. This is too often true. You can use a lot of free tools, platforms or information to start your business. A store on Facebook, or free website builder. Search Google or Bing every day or sign up for a hair newsletter.

But where to get the hair?

Great all that free stuff, but the most important asset for your hair store is the hair. Good quality hair can make or break your business. You can find many suppliers on the internet or on Aliexpress. What if you lack the money to make the first buy of hair? How to sell hair without hair?

How to start making money, if you do not have money?

Money is important, but it is not everything. Today’s world is a great example for this, more and more you see communities where people exchange tools, books, and husbands. No need to spend your money on a new sewing machine, if you will only use it to make dress for your daughter once.

The same goes for the hair, the inventory you need to start your own business. If you are ready to start selling hair. If you are ready to conquer the world with the best hair business on earth, or in town. I will help you with free hair to start.

Free Hair to your own hair store

There are some rules and I put a limitation on the offer to 15 people only. I do not want a fight with my wife, but this could be your opportunity to start your own hair business.

Read more or to sign up to get your free hair to start your dream