The great thing of the internet is you can start an online hair business any time you want. Regardless your budget, you can start with $ 0.00 or much more. The bad thing of the internet is many others do start their online hair business too. There are three key points to make your online hair store grow faster regardless the number of competing hair stores.

How to Expand Sales and go for growth

First forget about the traffic, it’s nice to focus on the number of people who come to visit your website. But do not forget you only make money of the convert! If they convert from a visitor checking on your site to people who buy!

Read about the strategy to grow your online hair business.

Only give attention to the outperformers!

Start to analyze the drivers behind your new leads. Anybody that ends up on your online store started somewhere. Find out what channel is the number one channel for these leads. Did they find your hair brand via Facebook or thanks to an organic keyword search on Google?

Google Analytics will tell you what the most successful generators of leads are. But it also tells the channels that generate the lowest number of leads. You do not get leads through to Twitter? No need to ignore this channel, put an automatic responder. Thank people who follow you or retweeted you. But limit the time spend on this channel.

I know people who spent hours in social media, only because somebody told they must. But if nobody reacts, why continue?

Better to invest your precious time in the channels that do generate valuable leads to your online hair business.

Set up an organized way to improve the flow through this channel, every single day. Examine this channel and experiment for further grow. If it’s organic search on Google, check the keywords and wrote more content. If it’s direct traffic, experiment to comment on more beauty and hair blogs and leave your name and brand.

Everything that gets the attention will grow. Especially if it already has the magic to be attractive for your ideal clients.

The great thing is this strategy will save you time, energy and money. Now you can focus on those drivers that generate growth for your online hair business.

Cash is king

I am sorry ladies, but it’s still true. The Queen likes shopping, but Cash is King. Track your cash flow. How much cash is going in and leaving your business. Improve the cashflow, by reducing operational expenses and increasing cash at hand by less receivables.

This strategy will free cash you can use to invest in business opportunities. Now you can buy that very attractive offer that comes only once on the market, or invest in a new outlet.

Hair Extensions Business Package with Cash Flow Projections

Never sit still

The competition always checks on you! Like you should too. They steal your ideas and if possible your clients. Too bad your clients will not mind if the offer from the competitor is better. To protect and grow your business you need to innovate. When? Always!

Every day, see where you can improve your operations. Did you get an email from a client with difficulties purchasing your hair due to the online payment system? Thank her and give her a discount on her next purchase of hair. She gave you valuable information to make more money in the future. Fix the problem and make sure it will never happen again. At United Airlines, the CEO has learned his lesson too.

look at new ways to reduce inefficiencies,
to improve the way to connect with your customers or
new ways to add value to your client lives.

Or more put, make sure today is a better day than yesterday! You want to go for growth too? Get your copy of the Hair Extensions Business package