This year people prepare their Halloween costumes and their top favorites are Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan and Jane. (Source Google Trends). For your customers a great period to look awesome and have fun. For you a great opportunity to help your clients and to make some extra money, because …

Do you recall the voluminous hair of both the Beauty but also the Beast? Okay, people can buy a wig or mask but we all know once you have opened the candy bar you want to finish it.

The same goes with the hair, your female customers are used to the volume hair extensions give to their natural hair. But what about their partners? They know they must accept year after year their hair to get thinner.

Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costumes package

Image, if you offer a special Beauty and the Beast package, if possible complete with a costume. But with the focus on the hair extensions. Off course! Provide awesome extensions for both. If the Beast will feel the positive vibes of the voluminous hair (again). The compliments, the jealous eyes of the other men who must settle for Clown because this will fit with their hair. The beast will return to your store for more!
Turn men into Tarzan or The Beast and help them into the beautiful world of hair extensions.

Are you ready to turn some men into your loyal clients this Halloween and double your sales?